June 12, 2018

Marrakesh wedding videographer

Marrakesh wedding videographer zen Film works.

Morocco is a place that inspired my creativity. I was asked to come to Marrakesh and shoot a wedding inspired fashion shoot for designer Paolo Corona and Marie Claire Magazine. I just love this place.

The colours and smells of Marrakesh are intoxicating. We walked through the bustling souks with street vendors selling all kinds of food, leather goods, lighting and an array of miscellaneous treasures. 

From here we ventured into the farm lands and desert surrounding the city. This place had so much power. The people were friendly and kind, the air had this electricity that just made you want to open your heart. A desert wind carried the afternoon call to prayer along with it as it weaved and wound its way along the dry riverbeds and over the immense dunes.

This area is a must see.

Paolo Corona Paris. Marrakesh wedding fashion videographer.

Marakesh wedding videographer

Marie Claire // A Marrakesh Dream // Fashion editorial film

Fashion editorial film Marrakesh wedding videographer




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