Kenya Nature Film Maker

Nature cinematography is one of my passions, so this adventure was certainly one of a lifetime. I was asked by multi, international award winning cinematographer, Abraham Joffe to go to the Masai Mara to film a series for National Geographic on Big Cats. 

Well this was an opportunity I could never refuse, so I jumped on a plane and headed to Kenya. After a few flights I was landing in light aircraft onto a dirt runway in the middle of lion country. I was pickled up in a jeep and driven to the headquarters where hippo casually stroll by and the sounds of the jungle never leave you. 

Nature put on a serious show for us. It took time and patience though. We would be sitting in position for sometimes 12 hours at a time waiting for some action. We would see lion cubs playing in the early morning light, standoffs between Hogs and curious lions, vicious hunts and mating couples. Cheetahs were also on the film menu, so we were able to observe and capture some amazing footage of a mother cheetah chasing her prey for her young cubs. It was a mind blowing experience.

This film trip was one I will never forget.


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