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Meet Chris – Owner, Cinematographer, Editor

Founder of ZEN Film Works Chris has been involved in a range of film work from documentaries, commercials and weddings.

As a talented graphic and product designer Chris has been able to further explore his love of form, colour and light through the medium of film and this has been a journey which has created industry leading results for his clients.

Chris has filmed throughout Europe and has gained vast and varied experience in DSLR film making techniques which can be applied to many different subjects and environments.

Having worked with and inspired by  an award winning and  industry leading wedding cinematographer in Sydney Australia, Chris is now bringing his skills and experience to the wedding industry in Europe.

ZEN Film Works thrives on Chris’ vast and creative imagination and his love for storytelling and film making and with his drive and creative spirit he aims to create lasting and industry leading films, form wedding films to documentaries and commercials.



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