St Mawes Castle Cornwall wedding film

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall wedding.

The deep love that Annabel and Rupert share for each other is easily seen every time they get close to each other at their St Mawes Cornwall wedding. They have that energy and friendship that only they can be a part of and it just beautiful to watch.
This English wedding was set at the Historic St Mawes Castle near Cornwall and even with just s little bit if wind, this venue was truly breathtaking with the panoramic view over the sea. It was an amazing day for everyone.

Words from Rupert:

My grandfather, whom I was very close to, said to me in the last conversation we had before he passed that I needed to marry Abbie. She’d taken time off work to go visit him in his last days and she was so fond of him, the thought of having anyone else in my life subsequently who hadn’t had that bond with him wasn’t fathomable.

I bought the ring and immediately gave it to my parents, as undoubtedly it would be found if I took it home! I decided that I wanted to propose in Jarnac (near Bordeaux) where my grandpa and grandma were married – as their relationship (as well as that of my parents) is one that I have always wished to emulate.
I orchestrated our Summer holiday around this moment and on the day there were no nerves, no awkward moments – I was utterly clear in my conviction of what I wanted; so I took her to the side of the church (where annoyingly a Christening was happening so it couldn’t be done on the stairs as originally planned!) and I told her that she was my best friend and the only person I could envisage spending the rest of my life with. She said yes (clearly!) which was fortunate given I had most of my family in the area and we were going to one of my best friend’s weddings the day after!

Abbie spent almost all of her summer months in St Mawes growing up and seeing countless weddings at the castle with the fireworks always a highlight. She always knew she wanted to get married at St Just Church, just next to the boat yard where her father’s sailing boat is moored (sailing is a big part of Abbie’s life) and the Castle afterwards. I was happy to have spent several weeks down there with her over the years to see first-hand the special place it has in her heart so can fully understand the desire

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