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Ravello, Italy wedding videographer. Villa Cimbrone wedding, Amalfi Coast, Italy wedding

Villa Cimbrone, Italy is perched above the Mediterranean sea on the Amalfi Coast and was the perfect place for Jodie and Matt to celebrate their wedding. Jodie and Matt persevered the rain with nothing but smiles and their wedding day was a perfect Amalfi coast wedding.
A wedding in Ravello is something unique and memorable, Ravello is a small and beautiful village that will inspire the imagination and accommodate all your Italian dreams. Ravello weddings are just so so special and as Ravello wedding videographers, we are there to capture this and tell your Italy wedding story. 

As a wedding film maker and foodie, Italy is one of my Favourite countries to visit and work at. I  film many weddings in Italy regularly and can never get enough of this place. I have film weddings in places such as Ravello, Lake Como and Capri. 
To shoot a wedding in Lake Como is truly something special. With steep green gorges plunging in the the dark and mysterious waters of Lake Como, you imagination can really go wild. 
Luxury is truly abundant through lake Como as well as the island of Capri, where I have shot multiple weddings this year in 2018.
Italian weddings are just beautiful and I will always love Italy and the food and people.
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