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Chateau de Cazenac French Wedding film

A smile that lights up the world … Chateau de Cazenac French Wedding. That is our bride joss. Frank and Joss had their dream wedding in a magnificent chateau in the Dordogne Valley, France.

With rustic tones and plenty of love and smiles, this Chateau de Cazenac Wedding was nothing short of a pleasure to make.

Words from our couple 🙂

Tell me about your wedding day, what happened and how amazing was it ?

In a total cliche, our wedding day was the best ever! I personally did the opposite of what a lot of previous brides told me: ‘you will be so nervous you wont even eat the dinner’ – I ate every bit and remember thinking my beaded belt might burst during the sunset shoot! ‘you will spend the whole day talking to second cousins twice removed’ – I planned a whole weekend of celebrations with everyone in the UK and France, I spent the night dancing away like a toddler on too much sugar! I honestly would not change a single thing – it was a fairytale!

Frank and I have not stopped talking, having private jokes and laughing since the day we met, for me our wedding was exactly that, full of laughter and moments that we couldn’t wait to discuss for ages after the day itself!

What was the favourite part of your day and why?

I am afraid for me there is not just one… getting ready with my sisters and mum (Jane was the best and most fun!), my dad (not usually an emotional guy) when he saw me in my dress and walked me down the aisle… the laughs Frank and I had the entire way through (especially Chris & Craig’s directional shoots LOL!) and of course the party!!!

Why did you choose to have a wedding film?

The film was really important to me, it is the one way to relive the day over and over…. and hopefully show our future family!

What was it like to work with Chris ?

Chris is absolutely AMAZING, injected fun and energy into the whole day, camera glued to one eye (at first I couldnt stop giggling when the lens was present) but quickly Chris just became part of the wedding party (lens included) and I thought of him as a guest!!

Why did you decide to get married in in the French countryside and what did it mean to you ?

Frank proposed to me at his childhood holiday location, Bandol, South of France. Obviously on that trip I dreamed of the perfect South of France wedding but didn’t really think it would be possible. Quite uncharacteristically Frank jumped on the case and found ‘Marry Me In France’ and before we knew it we were securing the Fairytale Chateau! For me our French wedding will always be extra special and I am so happy to always have an excuse for a Bordeaux trip!!

Produced by : Zen Film Works

Photographer: Craig George

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