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Amalfi Coast, Italy wedding videographer.

Amalfi coast wedding film

Amalfi Coast wedding videographer. Our Bride Elya is a well know fashion critic and instagram influencer and she knows style and luxury. Emilio and Elya celebrated their wedding on this beautiful coastline surrounding the beautiful, fashionable and luxury village of the Positano in Italy.

The Italian coastline called the Amalfi Coast is known for its rugged beauty and it's warm and loving people and Emilio and Elya decided to celebrate their wedding day here for that reason.

A beautiful mix of Australian, Italian and Persian cultures, these two families celebrated with amazing food, wine, music and dancing. All with the backdrop of Italy's most beautiful coastlines.

This beautiful wedding was designed and planned by the talented Valentina at Sposiamovi. The whole day perfectly designed and beautiful to witness.

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