A shangri La Paris wedding ceremony

A Classic Princess Wedding at the Shangri La Paris

A classic princess wedding at the Shangri La Paris with spring colours.

I hope you enjoy this Shangri-La Paris wedding video of Kate and JD. They chose this venue and city for their intimate Paris wedding because the Shangri-La Paris has so much old world charm. Being based in paris we are always surrounded by beauty, however when we are able to shoot with such a lovely couple in one of the most iconic hotels in Paris, well, we see the city in a whole new eye and there are new things to experience every day we shoot here. I hope you enjoy this Shangri-La Paris wedding video.

Shangri-La Hotel Paris stands as an exquisite canvas for capturing the magic of weddings, offering an exceptional setting for videography that exudes romance and sophistication. Situated in the heart of Paris, this luxurious venue with its iconic views of the Eiffel Tower provides an enchanting backdrop for a unique and memorable wedding film. The hotel’s grandeur and architectural elegance, coupled with its meticulously designed interiors and impeccable service, create a captivating ambiance for videographers to craft a visual masterpiece. The Shangri-La’s commitment to perfection ensures that every detail of the wedding day is flawlessly documented, from intimate moments in the beautifully adorned rooms to the enchanting scenes on the terrace or in the lush gardens. Couples choosing Shangri-La Paris for their wedding can expect a truly cinematic experience, where each frame tells a story of love, elegance, and the timeless beauty of their special day.

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