June 12, 2018

Jacqui + Owen // Wedding Videographer Phuket, Thailand

Wedding videographer Phuket.

Well what can I say about a Thailand wedding. I love Thailand, especially the southern town called Krabi. So when I was asked to come over and shot a wedding in Krabi, I was of course was very excited. The colour, light, water and energy of this place was magnificent. 

I love to shoot weddings in South east Asia. And my to do list is a Bali wedding, Maccau wedding, Kuala Lumpur wedding and a Tokyo wedding.

Rayavadee Krabi Thailand wedding

Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, water and people. The Rayavadee resort in Krabi, south west Thailand was the perfect location for Jacqui and Owen to share their promises. With amazing friends and family, Jacqui and Owen made the most of the stunning Thailand weather and location to have the wedding they always dreamed of. A Thailand wedding will always be a dream and full of colour, passion and excitement.

Wedding videographer Phuket.




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