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courtesy of Claire Morris Photography

Meet Chris – Award winning wedding videographer in Paris, since 2013


Starting as an industrial designer in Sydney Australia I had grown to love form, light and creative processes. But I felt that there was something lacking in this creative field. I wanted more. I loved talking to people, being a person people could come to when they wanted to feel better or just to have a good time.

After 5 years of work in Sydney, it was ready to shake up my life, so I bought a 1 way ticket to France, where I moved to the seaside in a south western town called Hossegor. It was here that I developed a curiosity and love for cinema and film making. I start to film EVERYTHING, from forest walks, cooking dinner, surf trips …. Anything to learn and explore what film making was all about.

By 2013 I was ready to shoot my first wedding. This was scary and exciting at the same time, but I absolutely loved it. My couple adored their films and they really expressed their happiness and told me how important the film was to them and how their future children will be able to watch their wedding day through the film and see how amazing the day was. This started my passion and career with weddings. I really took it upon myself to create films that would really be special for each couple and try to deliver the emotions of the day and share the love and story of each couple uniquely.

Since this first wedding film and every film I have created since, I have made a point of striving to push my skills as a storyteller, editor and colour grader to evolve and grow as a film maker.

My Love story

Well as I spend my life telling other peoples stories, I think its only fair to tell my own with you.

I was shooting a wedding in Paris when I me this girl. She was and still is one of the most accomplished and talented wedding and portrait photographers I know. I was kind of star struck to be working along side this girl, but we got along like great buddies from the first hello. As the day continued we talked and got to know each other whilst shooting this wedding, At one point our hands touched and there was this moment when the world slowed down, just like in the movies haha. I had to hold it together so I said jokingly “ are you trying too hold my hand? Haha”.

Little did I know that she had the same feeling. This girl is Claire Morris from Claire Morris Photography. Since this fateful day we have learnt from each other, laughed, supported and loved each other so so much. She is a great influence when it comes to my films and it has only helped me push my own boundaries and strive for greatness.

I had met my best friend and companion for my life journey. She makes me so happy and keeps life so much fun and interesting.

Last Year in October, I took Claire up to the top of the Pyrenees mountains to an observatory with all the fancy telescopes. We were at 3500m elevation and the stars were incredible ! We were taking some long exposure images, and of course I “wasn’t doing it properly” haha so Claire was playing with the camera and I got down on one knee under billions of bright stars to ask my one brightest start to marry me. After about 5 minutes of laughter, tears and hugs she said YES !! The story continues ….

Why Paris?

Paris, to me, is a place that inspires the imagination. The architecture, cafe’s, people and energy of Paris is truly something unique and is the place where I can let my imagination soar and have unbridled creativity. Being a film maker in Paris I am able to choose from the many unique locations to help tell varied and bespoke stories for and about my couples. Weather its a sunny French picnic in the Jardins de Tuileries, or a high fashion inspired shoot in the streets of Saint Germain or Sacre Coeur, there is always a perfect backdrop to fit my clients dreams and stories.

I also have to say I do like to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris. I have a retreat in a surf town called Capbreton SW France. Its where I can get balanced and connect with nature. I surf, climb, hike, drink wine and smile at the sun. Capbreton is truly a place of beauty, balance, energy, rejuvenation and inspiration.

My love of cinema 

Cinema, I believe, is one of the most influent tail art forms on the mind and energy of an audience. Along with stage, it can make you laugh, cry, love, hate and fear. The power if cinema is such a strong force that the creators of this craft can really make an impact on someones life and this is why I love cinema and wanted to be a part of this creative craft.

I am a massive lover of the old romantic comedy. From “you’ve got mail” to “Notting hill” there is something amazing about how you can laugh and cry at the same time and really feel the energy between 2 people. A love story is one of the most moving and inspiring of stories and no matter who you are, love will always play an important part in your life at some time and you can always relate to a love story.

I am inspired by many forms of cinema. From action movie sounds and transitions, to the colours and composition of many artistic directors. Creating emotionally engaging films is what I strive for every day.

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